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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does pricing work?

Pricing depends on the size of the dumpster, delivery location, and items being disposed of. Each quoted price will include your initial delivery, final pick-up, a 10 day rental period, and an allotted amount of tonnage. Additional charges will occur if tonnage exceeds the allotted amount and/or rental days are exceeded.


Q: When is payment collected?

All dumpster rentals are to be paid on or before delivery. Accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit/debit cards, as well as cash or check. Only established commercial accounts will be eligible for invoicing. Any additional charges accrued for tonnage overage fees and/or extended rental days will be automatically deducted from your credit/debit card on file, or sent to the given billing address if there is no card on file.


Q: What if I fill my dumpster and need another one?

This would be considered a dump and return. There would be an additional trip charge and tonnage charge for each additional dumpster.


Q: Do I need to call when I am finished with the dumpster?

It is important to call and schedule a pick-up when you are done with the dumpster. Although there is a 10 day rental period included, we do not assume after 10 days that it is ready to be picked-up. By calling to schedule this, you will be able to avoid additional rental day charges.


  • We understand that some projects take longer than 10 days. If you know ahead of time that you will need the dumpster for an extended period of time, we are more than willing to offer a discounted rate for the additional days; just ask!


Q: Do I have to be on-site when my dumpster is delivered?

We try to make the rental process as convenient as possible for you, which means you do not need to be on-site when the dumpster is delivered. If you do not plan to be on-site, a customer service representative can either email or mail out a copy of the necessary paperwork to be signed. As far as placement of the dumpster, you may choose to set out boards, flags, markers, etc…to indicate where you’d like it placed, or you may leave instructions with the customer service representative.


Q: Should I be concerned about where I have the dumpster placed?

It is always preferred to set the dumpster on a hard, flat surface. In most cases, this would mean an asphalt, blacktop, or concrete driveway. In the springtime, cracking driveways can be a concern; especially when there are heavier items sitting atop it. If this is a concern, we suggest putting boards/blocks under the dumpster.


  • It is recommended to avoid placing the dumpster in a soft spot, such as the lawn. The weight of the dumpster and items in it could potentially cause damage to the lawn.


Q: Is there a limit as to how high I can fill my dumpster?

All dumpsters are to be filled no higher than level with the top of the dumpster. If it is filled higher than the top of the dumpster, the driver may not be able to tarp it; therefore, will need to leave the dumpster on-site until you are able to unload some of the debris. This may also result in additional charges. 


Q: What items are not allowed in the dumpster?

The only prohibited items would be yard waste, and hazardous materials (ex: wet paint, bug spray, gasoline, batteries, etc...). If there are ever any questions regarding what can/cannot be thrown in the dumpster, please contact your customer service representative at A-Line Roll Off Service. 


  • Items such as electronics, and appliances may be permitted; however, you will need to let customer service representative know when scheduling delivery and pickup, this option may not apply to for all dumpster sizes. Additional charges will apply. These items must also be placed on top of the dumpster where they are visible to the driver.         

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